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1earth is the research and development part of the pti group. a key purpose of the hotel and resort has always been to relax and re-vitalise its guests, however this is increasingly difficult in our modern stressful world and with rising development and operational costs. this necessitates a more profound understanding of human nature, of the market and of how to achieve these objectives in new and more affordable ways. this is the essence of the work of 1earth. in the process we link high pleasure with high affordability with high social and environmental sustainability and all with good purpose. this research has and continues to provide the foundation and sound basis for our work.

about 1earth

1 Earth brings together all the expertise PTI has gained over the last 25 years, together with our deep concern for environmental issues, and our detailed research into the nature of “pleasure”, to assist our hotel, resort and apartment projects to be even more relaxing, enjoyable, re-juvenating and inspiring.

Further details will be provided in regard to this work in the coming months.

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