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We specialise in the design of tourism, residential and all types of managed accommodation properties including retirement living, student accommodation and affordable housing. Our Clients are typically Owners, Investors, Developers, Operators, Builders and Financiers for which we provide a much more commercially focussed service and one with more market understanding than the general architectural practice. Our work is focussed on assisting our Clients to maximise their returns and minimise their risks.

PTI's 1 Earth is constantly seeking out new innovations for our work. This is includes the use of modular and prefabricated construction as well as other ways to provide a high social and environmental sustainability component. Also new ideas so that the properties we design can be more and more cost effective and attractive to the market.

PTI's Peppers Perth Hotel using modular prefabricated construction has just opened


Our new 17 storey in Perth for Peppers that utilizes modular prefabricated construction has now opened. The speed of construction has been such that the project has been completed in 11 months with the 15 accommodation floors being installed in 11 weeks. The quality of finish is also far better than for a usual conventional build.

To see more information including a time lapse of the construction please click on the following links below:

Project Information

Construction Time Lapse

Golf House construction to start soon


Our Golf House residential project has had a successful sales and marketing campaign so it is now getting ready to start on site. Much credit goes to our Client with his agent Savills and for Collette Dinnigan for her beautiful interiors. We very much look forward to working now to bring this dream to fruition. For more information see in the projects section of our website and also:

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