PTI Architecture

Atura Hotel, Doveton

128 room 4 Star Business Hotel

  • Location Doveton, Melbourne
  • Client Lend Lease

This was the first major new property for the Chifley brand for the Constellation Hotel Group.

This followed our work in developing for them a new Concept Design for their 4 star properties, one that is very efficient and economic to both build and operate, that reflects the particular character and approach of their company and that at the same time focuses on providing the precise product and “experiences” required to attract and retain their specific target markets.

This comprehensive approach that considers each of the detailed requirements of the Builder, Operator, Developer and Market at the same time is what our service is all about.

The strength and effectiveness of the integrated solution was evidenced by the fact that Lend Lease, through one of their property funds contracted to own the property on completion.

Recently the property has been purchased and re-branded as an Atura Hotel by AHL following our completion of their first Atura Hotel in Blacktown, Sydney (see also on our website)

  • Location Doveton, Melbourne
  • Client Lend Lease

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