PTI Architecture

Base Backpackers Properties

Heritage Building Refurbishment For Backpacker Hotel + Bar & Restaurant

  • Location Sydney
  • Client Base Backpackers

PTI has been assisting Base with various works on their main Sydney property in Kent St for more than 10 years. This has included several staged expansions involving both additional dormitory beds as well as hotel rooms and the Scary Canary Bar and Restaurant. It now has capacity for over 500 beds.

All of this has been done within a Schedule 1 listed building and the neighbouring buildings.

We have also assisted Base with a number of other projects over this time. Their combination of backpacker, hotel as well as food and beverage facilities provides a very high quality and attractive product. This has enabled them to be a leader in this industry across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Location Sydney
  • Client Base Backpackers

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