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Lifestyle Retirement Facility, Forresters Beach

Villas, apartments, nursing home facility & associated facilities.

  • Location Forrester Beach
  • Client na

This project is for a major integrated retirement facility and is intended to be one of the largest of such projects on the NSW / Central Coast. It has, as its prime objective, to achieve the appropriate balance for this market between affordable accommodation and lifestyle facilities and amenities. Our hotel and resort design expertise is perfect for this style of retirement living market.

The property consists of self care villas, townhouses and apartments, low and high care nursing home accommodation, medical facilities and a range of food and beverage and recreational facilities and all of this set within a pleasantly landscaped environment. The project is intended to provide a new standard in the market. All aspects of the layout, forms, materials and colours work together to provide a warm, pleasant and comfortable environment and one that offers many more opportunities for enjoyment and social interaction than the traditional “retirement centre”.

  • Location Forrester Beach
  • Client na

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