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Qantas Exhibition Structures

Teflon Membrane Structures For Display Pavilions

  • Location New South Wales
  • Client Qantas Airways Ltd

Peter Israel’s previous practice was the Architect commissioned by Qantas to design these feature buildings for Qantas’s main project to celebrate Australia’s Bicentennial in 1988, the Bicentennial Air Show.

The task was to design a building to house a large exhibition telling the story of Qantas from its inception. It was to be located in the midst of the Air Show and would then be used as a building to house this exhibition and similar exhibitions around the world.

The structure itself was designed to symbolise “flight’ itself. Hence it was conceived as a tensile fabric structure which in itself evokes feelings of lightness, movement in the air and flight. The stretched skin form recalls the early wings of some of the first airplanes and the triangular form is a direct reference to the triangular Qantas symbol.

The pavilions gained the best design award by the Institute of Light-Weight structures for that year. As well as designing and documenting the pavilions we also designed the fit out to house the exhibition and together with Ashby Doble Engineers of Sydney, managed the construction.

  • Location New South Wales
  • Client Qantas Airways Ltd

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