PTI Architecture

Architectural, Interior Design, Development Analysis & Advisory, Project and Design Management


We provide a comprehensive Architectural service covering all aspects from concept to completion and beyond. This includes:

  • Pre-purchase Property Assessments
  • Schematic and Concept Designs
  • Preparing Detailed Project Design Briefs
  • Resolving Design & Development Strategies
  • Preparing designs & documentation for Development Approval and as required Re-zoning
  • Preparing documentation for Construction Certificate Approval, for Tender and Construction
  • Preparing documents for Licensing & other such approvals
  • Advising on the Selection & Engagement of Project Consultants
  • Briefing & Co-ordinating Project Consultant Teams
  • Briefing & Co-ordinating Contractors & Suppliers
  • Introductions & negotiation with Building Contractors
  • Assisting Builders through the Construction and Fit out process
  • Quality Control Reporting through Construction
  • Managing Defect Rectification and Refurbishment works for existing properties

Interior Design

PTI provides a comprehensive Interior Design service to complement our architectural services. This enables the strategies and concepts required to be implemented in all aspects of the interiors. Our services include:

  • All aspects of Concept Design and Concept Presentations
  • Detailed Site Analysis and Space Planning for Developers and Hotel Operators
  • Detailed Client, Project Manager, Engineers and Contractor liaison
  • The construction detailing and specification for all interiors work
  • Sourcing all types of materials, furniture, fittings and equipment.
  • 3D Visualisation Service
  • Tender Document preparation and construction cost analysis
  • Overseeing the Builders and Consultants work during construction and fit out until project handover

Project & Design Management

PTI provides specialised Project and Design Management Services. Our work is typically on projects where a conventional Project Manager does not have the experience to deal with the complexities of detailed tourism projects or for our long standing Clients. Our services include:

  • Implementing detailed tasks in conjunction with our Architectural or Interior Design Services
  • Managing teams of consultants and advisors as required
  • Preparing and implementing detailed Tourism Master Plans
  • Client Representation
  • Introduction to prospective Partners, Builders, Operators, Financiers, Investors etc
  • Property & Development Trouble Shooting

Eco tourism & sustainability

PTI has a particular interest and passion for eco-tourism projects. This is based on our firm belief that beautiful natural settings are the best places for people to come to to relax, unwind and be re-juvenated.

From this has grown our interest and work in environmental sustainable design which now features whenever we can in our projects.

Modular Prefabricated Construction advice

This is a new and fast emerging method of delivering quality buildings that is ideal for tourism and accommodation buildings, this being it offers substantial savings in cost and time.

PTI has been working in this area of the market for the last 8 years and has a comprehensive understanding of its utilisation for low scale and high-rise buildings and all the associated construction detailing and certification issues that are involved.

Our Peppers Hotel project in Perth has been designed and has been built using prefabricated construction techniques. Recently completed At 17 levels it is one of the highest prefabricated buildings to have been built in Australia to date.

PTI is has also been working on a range of other project types such as resorts and low cost housing to bring the advantages of this type of construction to these industries.

Computer Graphics

The visualisation of our design work, and the preparation of presentation drawings for Council and other approval applications, as well as for Sales and Marketing presentation and other such work, has always been a key aspect of PTI’s services.

We use this to communicate and develop the detail of our designs with its material selections with our Clients. We also work with specialists for major tasks. In this regard we provide:

  • Photo realistic 3D Views and Montages for both project external views and interiors
  • Shadow Diagrams for Authority Approvals
  • View Impact Diagrams and Views for Authority Approvals
  • Presentation plans and documents forming part of a brochure or website marketing documents.
  • Ongoing project images to assist with detailed design issues and materials selections.
  • Fly over and walk–through computer animation

FF & E Sourcing and Procurement

PTI’s Interior Design Services has extensive experience in the design and sourcing of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E). In this:

  • We ensure you achieve the overall look, feel and practicality our Client’s are looking to achieve.
  • We source many products direct from China through our experience with a wide range of suppliers.
  • We are able to work under budget constraints from the low-cost to the luxury

Tourism Property Advisory Services

Our work is based on all our detailed research of the market and on the skills and experience we have gained from being involved in many successful projects over the last 25 years that span all sectors of the market.

As such we not only assist our Clients with our design skills but also with our commercial experience. Our services include:

  • Preparing new Property & Tourism Area Concept Designs and Master Plans. We co-ordinate the work of the wide range of other expertises required, including Urban Planners, Community Consultation Managers, Civil and Marine Engineers, Landscape Architects, Environmental Management Planners, as well as Land Economists, Tourism Market analysts and others as required
  • Preparing Project Feasibilities and Strategy documents to appraise initial concepts for a project
  • Also developing Concepts and Strategies for new Hybrid properties that are able to attract Clientele from a range of markets, and thereby more successful than a more traditional model property
  • Developing Strategies and Concept Plans for the re-positioning, upgrading and re-branding of existing properties
  • Plus we can assist or guide or introduce you to other expert consultants to be able to address almost any other issue you will encounter in the development and ownership of your properties

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